Hate Me

He’s walled himself inside his pain. Can he break out of his shell to save everything he holds dear?

Kris McLean desperately needs to bust out of his darkness. After a series of unspeakable tragedies send him to the psych ward, staying strong for his daughter is the only light at the end of his tunnel. And when he hits his blackest hour and reaches for a rope, he’s devastated to survive and find his parental rights under threat.

Struggling daily not to grab the bottle, the broken man can’t risk failing the only thing left worth living for. But with his heart too damaged to swell at even sunrises and poetry, Kris finds each day a crippling battle to salvage his life.

Can this fractured father defeat his demons and feel his little girl’s embrace?

Hate Me is the powerful fifth book in the complex Claiming Kristopher contemporary series. If you like troubled characters, chaotic struggles, intense passion and the extraordinary depth of the human spirit, then you’ll love Angel Jendrick’s torrid tale.

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