Claim Me: A Redemption Romance

Vancouver, 2016. Drew Matheson sees the best in everyone. Dedicating herself to helping others in response to her father’s death, the twenty-year-old photographer organizes a charity art auction to raise money from wealthy donors. But on the day of the event, her jaw drops when a striking imposter catches her eye by brazenly stealing one of her photos.

Kris McLean’s insides feel as dirty as the jail cell he recently left. Back with the street gang that’s the only family he’s ever really known, the traumatized twenty-four-year-old sneaks into a ritzy fundraiser on a dare. But when he pockets a picture to prove he pulled it off, he’s unexpectedly drawn to the gorgeous woman who snapped the image.

Resolving to search for the intriguing thief, Drew tracks down and befriends the wayward soul. And as Kris’s feelings for the sweet-but-naïve girl blossom, he fears the ghosts of his dark childhood will destroy any chance they have for happiness.

Can these wounded hearts discover the healing they so desperately need in each other’s arms?